section to cover the advance, he led the remainder of the Platoon in an assault on the enemy positions. The attack was successful the anti-tank gun, a Mark IV tank and 30 prisoners of war were captured. The speed with which the attack went in prevented further casualties to the tanks and enabled them to get forward.

'The Carrier Platoon were counter-attacked and driven off part of the feature. As soon as the tanks came round Lieut Pearson, supported by the tanks, led another assault on the position which which had been recaptured by the enemy, taking a further twenty prisoners. The capture of this ridge enabled the advance to continue.The dash and determination shown by Lieut Pearson was an inspiration to those under his command.
'I strongly recommend that he be awarded an immediate Military Cross.' Recommended by Lieut Col DHC Worrall MC, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

HUDSON, L/Sgt William 4468255 MM

'On 3rd September 1944, a Section of the Carrier Platoon was driven out of a position which they were holding SERRA Ridge. 13 Platoon, commanded by L/Sgt Hudson was ordered to recapture the position, which they did, L/Sgt Hudson leading the assault with great dash. L/Sgt Hudson was then ordered forward with 8 men to search and clear a house nearby. This was done, taking two prisoners and killing two other Germans. From this house they came under fire from a further dug in enemy position. Without waiting for orders, L/Sgt Hudson advanced against the post, through enemy machine gun fire, throwing grenades and firing his TSMG. He went in with such dash and determination that the party (now reduced to four men) were able to overwhelm the enemy, killing two and taking eight prisoners.

'Shortly afterwards, L/Sgt Hudson was temporarily knocked out by blast from a mortar bomb and was ordered to go back to the Regimental Aid Post. Realising, however, that the Company, was by now very weak in numbers, especially in Officers and Non-commissioned officers, he insisted on returning, and during the night that followed, his example and inspiration was invaluable in encouraging and keeping alert the men under his command. 'I strongly recommend L/Sgt Hudson for the immediate ward of a Military Medal.' Recommended by Lieut Col DHC Worrall MC, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

HOOLEY, Pte Harry 4617159 MM

'On 27th September 1944, D Company of The 16th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry attacked the enemy position known as 'JOHNSON'. Pte HOOLEY'S platoon were in reserve and had been cut off from the rest of the Company. His Platoon Commander was wounded and his platoon had scattered owing to mortar and machine gun fire. Private Hooley rallied as many of his platoon as possible and led them up to the objective through devastating enemy shell and mortar fire, thus successfully reinforcing the two platoons whose position on the objective was becoming critical.

'Private Hooley's action, in collecting and leading forward reinforcements under heavy fire, enabled the company to consolidate and hold a most important feature.I strongly recommend that Pte Hooley be granted the immediate award of a Distinguished Conduct Medal [sic: stamped below the text on the original citation is 'GRANTED AN IMMEDIATE MM']. Recommended by Lieut Col DHC Worrall MC, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.


William Hudson MM newspaper clipping
H Hooley MM

Pte Harry Hooley MM features at sixth from left back row, in this picture (click it to enlarge) of 17 Platoon, D Company, taken at Blida, North Africa in mid-1943.