Pte G R Hamilton, 1945 ‘Register Forms for Recovered Allied Prisoners of War’

I have never seen this style of POW document before, so it’s great to get a specific 16th DLI example. The standard Allied POW 1945 questionaire, several of which I will have on the site in due course, is a much longer document, with several question categories which had to filled in by each liberated POW himself. This by contrast, typed and brief, must have been completed by the Allied authorities as they assessed and processed the vast mass of newly liberated POWs near and at the war’s end. The signature at bottom right, by the ‘Control Officer’, an Army Captain, suggests that the form must have been completed at either Rheims, from which Pte Hamilton was flown back to the UK, or at the reception centre at which he arrived in Britain. Alternatively, as a common Allied form, it could well have been completed by the US`Army, when they liberated Stalag 7A. Further details welcome.

Notice Pte Hamilton’s Army number 4469530, on the second line, then his POW number’ 222076/IVB’ and the his regiment, the Durham Light Infantry. His ‘present camp’ is Stalag VIIA (Stalag 7A) ‘since 30/4/45’ and his previous camp E 715 of Stalag VIIIB (Stalag 8B).

His medical condition on the line below is assessed as ‘Able’ And then his date and place of capture 2/3/43, misspelled as ‘Sedgenene’ North Africa.