Tthis listing has been transcribed from the 1946 Battalion History by Major L E Stringer. Of the officers listed here, only Elliott, Mynheer, Newman, Pearson (as C Company CSM) and Richardson were serving with the Battalion in December 1942--as was RSM Thomasson. All the others, and many more who were themselves casualties, came as replacements for combat losses.

Many of the officers listed below became members of the 16 DLI Old Comrades Association, formed in late 1945. Their names and 1945 home addresses are listed in the 1945 16 OCA Membersí Booklet. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to read it.

Battalion HQ and HQ Company

Commanding Officer: Lieut Colonel D H C Worrall MC
Second-in-Command: Major J C Denny MC
Adjutant: Captain W C W Smith
HQ Company Commander: Captain AEC Vizard
Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant H G T Bolton
Signal Officer: Lieutenant T C Periam
Transport Officer: Captain J M Richardson
Quartermaster: Captain A E Newman MBE
Medical Officer: Captain K Porter RAMC
Padre: Captain G B Meek RAChD
Captain G. Footer

A Company

Company Commander: Major A Hay
Second-in-Command: Captain A Pearson MC
Platoon Commanders: Lieutenant J M A Maith
Lieutenant H Gray
Lieutenant G W Smith

B Company

Company Commander: Major L E Stringer
Second-in-Command: Captain R L Yorke
Platoon Commanders: Lieutenant N H G Bradford MM
Lieutenant A W Sanders
Lieutenant J M A Hodges

C Company

Company Commander: Major R Sherlaw MC
Second-in-Command: Captain T Reynolds MC
Platoon Commanders: Lieutenant F J Dries
Lieutenant L W L Standford
Lieutenant H Spicker

D Company

Company Commander: Major D R C Steed
Second-in-Command: Captain J S Coutts
Platoon Commanders: Lieutenant C Babb
Lieutenant S B Burgess
Lieutenant W H Whitwell

Support Company

Company Commander: Captain T H Mynheer MM
Second-in-Command: Captain N L John
Carrier Officers: Lieutenant R H Collins MC
Lieutenant R Duncan
Mortar Officer: Lieutenant L C H Dodd
Pioneer Officer: Lieutenant R J Elliott MC

Regimental Sergeant Major: RSM E Thomasson MBE

16th DLI Officers in May 1945


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