Battalion HQ

Commanding Officer - Lt Col R F Ware MC
Second-in-Command/Adjutant - Capt T N Douthwaite

Intelligence Officer - 2/Lt L Kauffman
Regimental Sergeant Major Pickering
C/Sgt (Orderly Room Colour Sergeant) Knights

HQ Company

Company Commander - T/Maj W S Olleson
Second-in-Command - Capt F B Kirkup

2/Lt T R Logan - No 1 Platoon Signals
No 2 Platoon AA
Lt T H Mynheer MM - No 3 Platoon Mortars
Capt F B Kirkup - 4 Platoon Carriers
Lt H B Lax
Capt J Welford - No 5 Platoon Pioneers
Captain T A Cookson MTO
No 6 Platoon Admin
Lt & Quartermaster A E Newman MBE

CSM G Gates, C/Sgt T Baker, CSM Gerrino, C/Sgt Argent, PSM Glover

A Company

Company Commander - Capt M H Brown
Second-in-Command - Capt G F D Girling

Lt W A Tinwell
2/Lt T W Weightman (WTO) Detached)

CSM Thomasson, C/Sgt Crow

B Company

Company Commander - Major K N Hillas
Second-in-Command - Lt J R Bavington Jones

2/Lt W G Alward
2/Lt R A Wharrier (Detached, Battle Platoon)

CSM M Etherington, C/Sgt A May

C Company

Company Commander - Capt T G L Ballance
Second-in-Command - Capt S H Hamner

2/Lt C W Duck
Captain R M Ponder (President of the Regimental Institute, Detached, Welfare)
2/Lt G Jobey (Instructor, Divisonal Battle School)

CSM A Pearson, C/Sgt Gaines

D Company

Company Commander - Capt J H Waylen
Second-in-Command - Lt P Armstrong

2/Lt E W P Varnon - Detached (Embarkation)
2/Lt J H Willans (103 Traffic Control Coy)

CSM George Broadhead, C/Sgt W ‘Jimmy’ James



Officers, Warrant Officers and Colour Sergeants of the 16th DLI, May 1942

This listing is dated May 22nd 1942 and is transcribed from a wartime DLI Newsletter. Unfortunately, the specific platoons assigned to each officer aren’t included in the document after No 6 Platoon.

Many of the officers and NCOs listed here went aboard in December 1942 and a large number of them feature on the Battalion Roll of Honour. At this stage in the Battalion’s history, while it based in the Rye area, new drafts of recruits were still arriving at regular intervals from Brancepeth Camp. Others were called up directly to the Battalion and trained by it, while in turn several reinforcement drafts were sent out to the frontline DLI Battalions in the desert. This helps account for the somewhat depleted look to the Rifle Company listings here.
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